Knowledgeable Decorative Concrete Specialists

Earthworks Concrete is a decorative concrete contractor based in Cedar Rapids, IA. We are committed to maintaining the innovation and quality of the decorative concrete industry not just in Iowa but the rest of the United States as well. Our team has accomplished a lot of successful projects because we only use high-quality products and installation techniques.

We are confident that we have the most durable, useful, and customizable concrete solutions across the globe. Our contractors’ decorative concrete products and methods have withstood Iowa’s wintery conditions for more than 30 years. Also, our systems have been extensively tested in laboratories and real-world scenarios by industry leaders for several years.


Knowledge Is the Key to Our Success

We believe that knowledge-sharing is the most effective way of maintaining the industry’s quality standards. Earthworks Concrete teams up with NIACC in their Building Trades Diploma program and joins IDCS in hosting many decorative concrete classes and demonstrations every year.

Our Services

We are passionate about combining our landscaping expertise with different concrete techniques to create decorative patios—the bread and butter of our company.

Concrete overlays are highly versatile systems that can resemble a wide range of traditional flooring, such as hardwood, tile, as well as colored or stained concrete.

Concrete staining that is professionally executed results in a long-lasting, unique marbling effect and works best with concrete that is in excellent condition.

Epoxy flooring systems are suitable for both commercial and residential applications because they are extremely durable and can be applied to virtually any substrate.

Concrete Innovations

Decorative concrete techniques and products have been rapidly evolving for more than two decades. Earthworks Concrete and other industry leaders have been utilizing real-world applications to test and develop products and installation methods. These innovations are evident in our work and in the concrete industry as a whole.