Residential and Commercial Decorative Concrete Services

Earthworks Concrete takes on a variety of decorative concrete projects for both homeowners and business owners. We serve customers in the greater area of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.

Decorative Patio with fireplace

Decorative Patios

We create the most functional and customizable patios in the world because of our skills in decorative concrete and landscaping. From fire pits and grilling stations to indoor and outdoor countertops, we guarantee a high level of quality in every project. Feel free to check out some of the work we’ve done, and request a free quote from us.

  • Concrete carving
  • Concrete overlays
  • Custom concrete forms
  • Custom seating
  • Fire pits
  • Grilling stations
  • Indoor/outdoor bar tops/countertops
  • Lighting
  • Sealing/resealing
  • Stamped and stenciled concrete
  • Anything else that is concrete-related

Concrete Overlays

Would you like to beautify existing concrete? Try using decorative concrete overlays. These versatile products can be used horizontally or vertically.

Vertical Concrete Spray

Utilizing vertical concrete spray is ideal for decorating huge projects, such as concrete walls, furniture pieces, statues, and more. We can use different applications, including multiple colors, coats, and stenciling techniques, to replicate the look of bricks, blocks, or stucco.

Concrete Floor Overlays

If there is existing concrete on the flooring of your home or office, we can apply concrete floor overlays. We can make your floor resemble a variety of traditional surfaces or have an elaborate concrete design.

Woodplank overlay
Patio Staining

Concrete Staining

One of the most cost-effective methods of improving the aesthetics of existing concrete is staining. A concrete stain that is topped with a dependable sealer can produce an equally appealing and durable floor.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing/resealing is another cost-efficient way of improving the durability and appearance of existing concrete. We can beautifully transform a surface by applying a concrete stain or overlay beneath a solid concrete sealer.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular among homeowners and business owners because of its durability and aesthetics. Resinous flooring is versatile and economical because it has the ability to flex with substrates (can be applied to wood or concrete).

Flake Epoxy Floors

Because of their traction and durability, flake epoxy flooring systems work well on garage and shop floors. These systems come with flakes of different colors and sizes.

Pearl Epoxy floor

Urethane Mortar and Industrial Flooring Systems

Industrial flooring and urethane mortar are among the most durable flooring systems in the world. These systems are typically used for high-traffic commercial floors that require a lot of traction and durability, such as kitchens and coolers.

Our team offers a wide variety of urethane and industrial-grade flooring systems. We can work using many different products, which means we can install anything that is recommended by a designer or an architect. Please fill out the contact form for more information.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors have become more popular over the past few years because of their aesthetic appeal. Also, they are flexible enough to be placed over concrete or wood.

Additional Concrete Services

We also perform other types of concrete services. Whether you require custom concrete seating, concrete coloring, or hand-trowelled flatwork, get in touch with our team today.