Common Questions About Decorative Concrete

What colors are available for stamp/stencil patios?

How many colors can I choose?

You can choose a base color and then an accent color. Our most popular accent colors are charcoal and chocolate.

Does the accent overpower the base color?

That is totally up to you! The great thing about our accent colors – or release as we call it – is that during the cleaning stage of the patio we can remove as much or little accent as you desire. It is important for you to give your final approval of the patio during the cleaning state. What the patio looks like wet is what it will look like dry.

Do you require a deposit?

No. We do not require a deposit. We just ask that payment be made within 10 days of completion of project.

What types of payment are accepted?

We prefer check or cash. We can accept CC but it is an additional 3% charge.

What colors are available for an overlay or basement staining?

What colors are available for metallic epoxy floors?

What colors are available for epoxy flake floors?

Do I need to pull a permit?

Permits are required for any city sidewalk or approach. We will pull the permits with the city.

How thick is concrete poured?

We pour our concrete at 4” thick. Due to city requirements – city sidewalks and approaches are poured at 6” thick.

Do you use any reinforcement in the concrete?

Rebar is standard and included in all our estimate prices provided.

Where do you purchase block from for retaining walls, fire pits, seat walls?

We purchase all our block from Kings. If you choose to have any of these additions in your patio feel free to browses their show room. You can inform them you are working with Earthworks Concrete and they can make note of the products you choose on our account. We will do all the purchasing of the products.

How long until I can use my patio?

After we seal it we suggest waiting until the next morning to start using it.

How often do I need to reseal my patio?

We recommend every 3-5 years but it is truly a personal preference. If you like a “new” look then it would be best to reseal every 2 years. We do not recommend using any other sealer but SureCrete’s HS200. That is the sealer we use and have been using for over 20 years. We can’t guarantee other sealers won’t cloud up or become white on top of ours.

What is the process for sealing?

We can seal it for you for $2/sqft or you can purchase the sealer directly from us. The process to seal is simply power wash patio to remove dirt. Wait a day to dry, and then roll on sealer.

How long until I can drive on my driveway?

3-4 days, Nick will inform you when it is ready.