Resinous Flooring Systems

Extreme durability, and amazing aesthetic appeal is what has made epoxy flooring so popular for commercial and residential applications. Resinous flooring has the ability to flex with substrates, making it possible to be applied to wood or concrete. This makes for an extremely versatile and affordable flooring solution.

Flake Epoxy Floors

Because of the traction and durability, flake epoxy flooring systems work well on garage and shop floors. These systems come with different sized and colored flakes. See Flake Colors. For more information fill out the form below.

Urethane Mortar and Industrial Flooring Systems

These systems are the most durable floors in the world. Generally used for high traffic commercial floors such as kitchens, coolers, and anything else that needs the highest traction and durability available.  There are several different urethane and industrial grade flooring systems available. We work with vast amounts of products meaning we can typically install any product recommended by architects or designers. For more information fill out the form below.

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Metallic Epoxy Floors

The aesthetic appeal of metallic epoxy floors has made them extremely popular over the last several years. The flexibility of these floors allows them to be placed over wood or concrete.