Save on a Patio – Have a Demonstration at Your Home

Earthworks teaches concrete and landscaping contractors throughout the state of Iowa and the upper midwest.  Contractors learn how to properly prepare, apply, and finish various decorative concrete techniques.

We’ve found that by using real world projects as a grounds for teaching, This raises the attention to detail and the real world knowledge gained.

To be eligible:

Have a multifaceted project

We like to be able to teach at Least 3 different concrete products or techniques in our classes. 

For Example:

A project that needs a stamped concrete patio, a concrete bar top, and a concrete overlay in the basement would be eligible

  • Other eligible products and techniques include, epoxy flooring, vertical concrete spray, seat walls, concrete carving, stencilling and more.

Have Enough Space

The job site must have space for tables and chairs. We provide offsite room and board for the contractors attending the class. But also offer snacks and drinks on the jobsite.

Schedule in advance

These projects must be scheduled at minimum 3 months in advance. This allows us enough time to inform contractors and get the logistics figured.

The Bottom Line

We can provide a discount for multi-faceted projects that have enough space to hold a class of up to 12 people. All contractors invited have years of construction experience. The job quality is held to a high standard, as always. And homeowners are sure to be satisfied when the job is complete. 

If you think you have a project in mind that would be eligible to for a demonstration please fill out this form.

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Tell us a little about your project? If your not exactly sure, just use general terms like "Patio" or "Driveway"


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